Hi, I'm Nadha

I'm a Health Researcher, PhD student and Chronic Illness & Patient Advocate.

I'm exploring how people with chronic illnesses can reclaim their bodies and minds, step into their power and live full lives.

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A comprehensive, 6 week step-by-step online course for tackling thyroid-related chronic fatigue.

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To Heal, Accept Your Reality Right Here, Right Now

There are millions of articles and books out there on how to be better, stronger, faster, wiser – you name it. When it comes to health, we’re no different. With an illness, it’s likely that we’re focused on getting better, improving a situation and/or alleviating symptoms.¬†There is lots of information […]

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From Fibromyalgia to a 5K

Let me be clear at the outset. I did not run this 5K nor did I jog it. Well, maybe I did jog in the briefest of spurts. What I did do, in spite of all the obstacles, was complete a 5K. The idea of participating in such an event […]

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