Meditation and Mindfulness

This app is a handy way to start guided meditation sessions, where they promise to teach you the "life-changing skills of meditation and mindfulness in just a few minutes a day." With fun, relatable animations that explain what it's all about, start by trying out the free sessions.  It's a great way to start exploring what meditation is all about. Once you get a hang of the basics and see the benefits, then I highly recommend investing in either a class or kit or device (whatever works best for you) to keep up the practice.

Meditation for Busy People and Guided Meditations for Anxiety and Stress. Join host Hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton for short, guided meditations to calm your anxiety, overcome negative thinking, increase your confidence, and more - in 15 minutes or less.

Meditation for Health is a mindfulness clinic in Toronto by Dr. Lucinda Sykes. Operating since 1997, this clinic introduced me to a structured program for Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) focused on self-care for stress-related symptoms and chronic illness. I've completed Part One and have plans to do Part Two soon. This website is full of great resources and information.

This device has made a huge difference to my meditation practice and was initially recommended to me by my therapist. The technology is incredible at bringing me back into the moment and training my mind. I ordered mine in black!

When I was going through my thyroid cancer treatment and found out that my husband had been cheating on me and putting my health at risk, my world fell apart. This is an incredible book that helped me stay present, mindful and open.