"Thyroid issues can take over people’s lives and rob us of the joy, love, expertise, value and connection we bring to this world. " 

- Nadha, Founder of Thyroid Transitions, Patient Advocate and Thyroid Wellness Coach

I'm Nadha Hassen and the founder of Thyroid Transitions, a knowledge hub of resources and a positive vibe community for people who want to breakthrough their thyroid symptoms and live a balanced, vibrant life. My mission is to guide people living with thyroid issues to reclaim their minds and bodies and live fulfilled and powerful lives. As a health researcher, trained health promoter and wellness coach, I share knowledge and teach others with thyroid issues how to break free and start owning their life, faster than they thought possible.

I am passionate about guiding others with thyroid issues to cut through the guesswork and begin to live fully, consciously and with joy. I worked with others who were going through thyroid cancer or other thyroid issues informally as a passion project for a few years now and it brought me such purpose to connect and help move them forward in any way possible. I knew it was time to level up and offer this knowledge and insight in a more formal way, and that's how Thyroid Transitions came to be. 


In 2014, I was figuring out life and working on getting my Master in Public Health (MPH), specializing in Health Promotion. A regular check-up with a university doctor resulted in a life-changing moment. The doctor found a lump on my neck. A few weeks later, the official diagnosis came in: thyroid cancer.

Every healthcare provider I met downplayed the impact that thyroid cancer would have on my life. My subsequent total thyroidectomy and treatment threw me into a downward spiral. My body felt like it didn’t belong to me. My thyroid levels were all over the place and I was overwhelmed with juggling all my life roles. 

I’ve navigated a healthcare and medical system that kept telling me that I should be fine, that my “levels” were normal and dismissed my reality and my very real symptoms. Fast forward through the brain fog, constant pain and fatigue, I am FINALLY at a place where my thyroid symptoms no longer control my life. I am now living more mindfully and more fully than I ever have, with the ability to advocate for myself and the wisdom to be gentle with myself.  

We are always transitioning throughout our lives - learning and growing and unlearning. As we transition between life stages, I truly believe we should be able to tap into what our bodies and minds need and crave. 


If my story and approach resonate with you, then I'd love you to connect with you and invite you to join a positive, thriving thyroid community.