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Thyroid Transitions is an online resource and blog written and edited primarily by me (Nadha), in collaboration with my mother (Ameena). Our main motivation in setting up this platform was to contribute our experiences and knowledge to the thyroid health conversation. To sustain this project in the long-term, we are looking into a few different revenue streams such as affiliate advertising or paid insertions, in addition to providing our readers with the option of becoming a patron of Thyroid Transitions. Having said that, we will always be honest about products or services that we have used and can recommend, and transparent about what we choose to highlight on the website. We will not be influenced by type or amount of compensation received, as we strive for authenticity in this push to demystify thyroid issues. We’ll also link to courses, programs or products that we don’t get paid for, just because we can recommend them!

We will always provide honest and fair descriptions of our personal experiences with any products and want to connect others living with thyroid issues with tips and resources on how to live fully with a chronic health issue. We will sometimes have guest writers living with thyroid issues also contribute to the blog. Please remember that what has worked for me or others may not necessarily be right for you. This blog does not replace the advice and direction of your healthcare professionals.

Thyroid Transitions is a part of the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program to provide websites with a way to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon.ca. Being a part of an affiliate program means that if you click the link and make a purchase through that link, we earn a small commision to help maintain Thyroid Transitions (hosting and domain costs, newsletter fees). This will come at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for your support.

Privacy policy:

We will not share your information with anyone else. We typically only collect your name (real or alias) and a valid email address in instances of sending you the Thyroid Transitions Toolkit and if you would like to sign up for our monthly newsletter. When commenting on blog posts or emailing us through the contact form, we have provided the option of opting into the newsletter/ the mailing list.

In the future, we may hold contests and giveaways, but even then will not share your personal information. If for any reason this does arise (e.g. a gift by a sponsor?!), we will explicitly state it.

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