Share Your Thyroid Story

Thank you for wanting to share your story!


Although many people living with thyroid issues have similar symptoms and experiences, our stories are unique - and they are ours to tell.

We are more than just someone with a diagnosis, there are many different aspects to our lives and sharing your unique story, whether it be how you came to be diagnosed, how you are managing your symptoms or how you have triumphed, has the ability to inspire, reassure and reach out to others. I invite you to share your story, just as you are, right now.

Picking a topic

  • Speak from personal experience. The best stories are the real, the messy, the authentic. If you want to publish your story under a pseudonym for whatever reason, we are happy to accommodate.
  • Think about a specific story you want to tell. There is often so much going on when living with a thyroid issue but if you pick a specific angle, your story will be clearer and resonate more. For example, maybe you'd like to focus on the process of getting diagnosed, or on your thyroid cancer in relation to being a mother and what that has meant for you, or overcoming your chronic pain symptoms. Having said that, we know that our living with a chronic health concern is nuanced and multifaceted so we're open to how you want to share your story.
  • Show up as you are. We want to highlight positive messages and empowering stories of living with a thyroid issue, to celebrate our successes, little and big and lift one another up. But we know how challenging it can be to live with a chronic illness and that's okay if you aren't feeling particularly chirpy these days. Reach out to us and let us know what your story is right now.
  • Acknowledge your relationship to thyroid issues. Are you a caregiver for someone with a thyroid issue? Has thyroid issues changed your career trajectory in some way? Perhaps your sibling, partner, child, parent is living with a thyroid issue. We want to hear your story.

Blog post title 

  • Keep it punchy and relevant. We can help wordsmith this.


  • Once you have the idea or have been in touch, we recommend submitting your story within 2-3 weeks. A longer turnaround time usually results in the story never being completed (because, life happens!) and we want to support you in getting your story out there.

Disclaimer: Stories may be edited for clarity and grammar but we aim to maintain your voice and point of view. In rare cases, submitted stories may not be accepted in which case we will let you know.


  • Aim for less than 1000 words in a word document, emailed to thyroidtransitions(at) or through the contact form with the subject heading "Story Submission"
  • Title
  • A short biography (less than 100 words) for the “about the author” section. You may use a pseudonym if you'd prefer. Headshot photo optional.
  • [Optional] An image for your blog post (make sure you can use this, check licensing and attribution requirements. Some websites for free stock photos are Pexels or Unsplash)